Franz Sandner


Franz Sandner

CEO--Dietmar Schuh

The 3rd generation of Franz Sandner. Enter the company since 1980s, following his father Richard Schuh, and took over the company in 1988, led Franz Sandner to be a global brand. Franz Sandner become a popular brand in America, German, UK, Japan, South Korea...Now Mr. Franz Sandner is responsible for global marketing.

Sales Director--Soraya Schuh

Enter the company since 1991. Responsibel for Euro and America sales promotion.


Frank is professional in violin product and design with many year of experience. He's now working in Franz Sandner and in charge of violin production and quality.

Sandner Dynasty

General Manager--Teddy CHEN

Teddy was born in a piano family in Taiwan, and had knowledge of piano industry from childhood. When got 23 years old, Teddy started working on the import and export of musical instruments, which gave him an in-depth understanding of the music global market. He entered Sandner Dynasty sicne 2002, and takes charge of Chinese factory and market promotion.

Technical Director--Ta-Chia Lin

Mr. Lin steps into the field of piano manufacturing since 1979. He’s a lecturer of IAPBT (International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians), and has been invited to give speech about piano technical in many countries. Mr. Lin also served as secretary general of IAPBT, and won the innovation award of IAPBT, as he published piano manufacturing and innovation technic and tools for many times in Japan. Now, he is the technical adviser for FRANZ SANDNER piano and responsible for the piano design, production process, and personal training.

Vice President--Diana Zhang

Diana is professional on the field of financial management, financial audit, and cooperate management for about 15 years. She is now responsibel for financial management and administration of Shanghai company.

Taiwan Branch

Manager--Meilan Lin

Mrs. Lin used to work on JS Bach and other musical instrument company. Now she is in charge of Sandner in Taiwan. She's very fond of music and dedicates to provide professional and price-reasonable musical instrument to customer.