Franz Sandner

Brand Creation

Franz Sandner

Franz Sandner is a family of musical instrument producers from Schnbach, Germany. It was founded in 1924 by Mr. Franz Sandner, specializing in the manufacture of violin and guitar. In the 1950s, as a result of the division between the east and the west, most of the family members moved to the town of Nauheim in West Germany.

Germany —Jointly promote the piano market

Richard Schuh

Since 2008, the company has introduced August Forster, the European royal piano, to the market and served the majority of music lovers.

August Foster has a history of 160 years so far. It is one of the few pianos in the piano industry that still uses handicrafts, with a maximum annual output of no more than 300. Each is an art boutique in the piano industry. It is the piano used by many royal families. It is also the designated piano in the auditorium of the Beijing Political Consultative Conference in China, which shows its nobility and is the first choice of piano artists.

German Exquisite Craftsmanship

Franz Sandner

In the 1950s, Mr. Franz Sandner’s daughter Sonja and his son-in-law Richard Schuh entered the company to take over the business, which brought many innovative processes to the company and made the quality of the product better and better. In the 1980s, the third generation of Dietamr Schuh also entered the company, and began to cooperate with family members, and increased the number of piano, organ and other musical instrument products, and sold to more than 60 countries around the world. Since then, the company's scale has gradually expanded.

Global operation

Franz Sandner

Hao Qinsheng from Germany-Franz Sandner

Franz Sandner

Franz Sandner has a history of nearly 100 years and has inherited the concept of making piano for three generations. We have our own production bases in Germany and China. Whether you are a beginner or a musician, we can provide you with the most suitable products. Welcome to experience our musical instrument products at Franz Sandner dealers all over the world. We hope you will enjoy the good piano sounds we have prepared for you from Germany - various instruments of Franz Sandner.

Franz Sandner’s family brand

Franz Sandner

Famous brands of the Franz Sandner family include: SCHREIBER, KEILWERTH, August Forster piano; WINTER, PUCHNER, LAUSMANN, KLIER instrument accessories, and Franz Sandner pianos, fiddles, guitars, etc., are all well-known brands in the industry.


Franz Sandner

CEO--Dietmar Schuh

The 3rd generation of Franz Sandner. Enter the company since 1980s, following his father Richard Schuh, and took over the company in 1988, led Franz Sandner to be a global brand. Franz Sandner become a popular brand in America, German, UK, Japan, South Korea...Now Mr. Franz Sandner is responsible for global marketing.

Sales Director--Soraya Schuh

Enter the company since 1991. Responsibel for Euro and America sales promotion.

Harald Mayer--Chief Financial Officer

Harald Mayer is currently the chief financial officer and is responsible for all major financial matters of the German Franz Sandner Company.


Frank is professional in violin product and design with many year of experience. He's now working in Franz Sandner and in charge of violin production and quality.

Sandner Dynasty


Chan Xiandong--Board Chairman

He has been a music teacher in elementary school for 20 years and has rich teaching experience. Later he was transferred to be an agent of musical instruments and pianos, and served as the head of the N.B Orchestra for Music Promotion. Since 1992, he has been to Germany, Europe and Japan for musical traineeships, and has cooperated with Germany to build a factory. Now he is the vice chairman of JS BACH Grand Piano Factory, the chairman of SANDNER Germany Violin Piano Factory, and also a professional senior violin quality engineer. He is an excellent composer with a profound influence. He is still committed to music and has made a great contributions to music education.

General Manager--Teddy CHEN

Teddy was born in a piano family in Taiwan, and had knowledge of piano industry from childhood. When got 23 years old, Teddy started working on the import and export of musical instruments, which gave him an in-depth understanding of the music global market. He entered Sandner Dynasty sicne 2002, and takes charge of Chinese factory and market promotion.

Lou Zhuguo--Deputy General Manager

He joined the Franco-Sand team in 2008, has been engaged in production management, quality control, after-sales maintenance, and administrative management. He is currently in charge of marketing.

Taiwan Branch

Manager--Meilan Lin

Mrs. Lin used to work on JS Bach and other musical instrument company. Now she is in charge of Sandner in Taiwan. She's very fond of music and dedicates to provide professional and price-reasonable musical instrument to customer.


Anne Forster--Forster President

The fifth generation of Foster's operators, since childhood followed his father (the fourth generation of operators Wolfgang Foster) to learn and inherit the 150 years of piano boutique production technology and perfect sales management system. Since 2006, he has officially become president of Foster. Under the leadership of Anne Forster, Foster's work team is actively exerting their unique advantages and continuing to write the glorious history of Foster.

frank lsrael--Piano master

As a world-renowned master of piano manufacturing, he has served in the company for more than 30 years, and all Foster pianos are completed under his careful production and inspection.